The Development of maltCert© Institute:

"We have the practice in mind" – MalzkornMalzkorn

the story behind maltCert© Institute

"The vision to do the right thing" – our goal is creating and optimizing work processes:

our goal is creating and optimizing work processes:.

In the recent past with all its scandals, it became clear that an effective and serious self-control system of the German Economy has completely failed in some cases. Public authorities seemed to be unable to cope with the standards, both from a professional and workforce point-of-view.

Pure Management systems like DIN/ISO 90000 are not always sufficient to remedy or even identify problems. They may be helpful for the formal and correct descriptions of processes; anyway, there is no evaluation whether a process is wrong or right, correct or doubtful. "Controlling" or "Describing" a system does not always go to the "bottom" of the real process.

This control and disclosure for the "malt product" can only be achieved by the malting experts with their core competence.

Paper doesn't blush – and "Greenwashing" is not the solution for a better product! .

It is an everyday challenge to control routines, requiring proactive, stringent partners you can trust -- and quite often an independent control mechanism. Customers and even Public Authorities cannot assess the high risk potential of missing or insufficient controls and standards in food production.

This is where our Institute goes to work:

We strive to figure out the potential for improvements, define methods to resolve problems and create high-end processes. You belong to the best in the market; show it with our Seal of Approval!

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